The river goblin


作者:author, YY Tan;editor, 5 Elements Crew;illustrator, YS Crew


出版社:Young Scientists Pte Ltd


集叢名:The science inquirer series,Interactions:Level 1


ISBN:978-981-09-7478-7 ; 981-09-7478-7

Studying the interactions between and within systems enhances understanding of the environment and Man’s role in it. Interactions occur within an organism, between organisms as well as between organisms and the environment. The interaction of Man with the environment drives the development of Science and Technology. At the same time, Science and Technology influences the way Man interacts with the environment.

  • Interactions(p.5)
  • The River Goblin(p.6)
  • There Were No Fish Anymore...(p.11)
  • Coral Reefs Change Colours(p.16)
  • Polar Bears Have No Fur(p.22)
  • The Fireflies Are Missing(p.27)
  • When The Earth Gets Warmer(p.31)
  • Fighting The Wind Monster(p.38)
  • If There Are No Stones On Railway Tracks(p.43)
  • Lightning!(p.48)
  • Arrgh, It’s An Earthquake!(p.52)
  • Run, Run Faster!(p.58)
  • Steve Plays With Plasticine(p.68)
  • Bill The Elephant Is Injured(p.77)
  • 1 , 2 , 3 ... Go!(p.82)
  • Storing Food(p.92)
  • Cinderella Today(p.98)
  • Campfire In The House(p.103)
  • Mini Tissue(p.107)
  • Artificial Dolphin(p.111)
  • Adapter(p.116)
  • Electricity Consumption Meter(p.120)
  • Red Pupils(p.124)